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"I lost 34 kg in last 9 months! Both fat loss and muscle gain simultaneously! This is the leanest I have ever been! From 103kg to 69kg! I also won two major titles in the Island-wide FitnessFirst competition in Oct 2022, both the “Lean Category” and the National Championship! Thanks to YoloFoods and many others who have helped me achieve these amazing results! I wouldn't be more happier!"

Nanthekumar. T


"YoloFoods saved me alot of time not having to shop for groceries and cook."

Miryam. A


"When I was exploring and researching healthy eating options, I realized there were insanely limited healthy food options around; and that healthy food meant salads or vegetarian meals only. Due to that, it became my mission to come up with a solution that would make healthy eating more enjoyable, accessible and understandable. As I made those changes in my personal life, I experienced how transformative and enjoyable healthy eating is and started to focus on health and wellness — something that has become very close to my heart."

Alexis. B

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