About Us

About Us

Quality, good food has always been a key enjoyment for me, especially as a corporate working in the wine & spirit industry. As I grew older, I started to faced the consequences of that lifestyle — a dip in physique, energy loss, concentration issues, and more. I knew I had to pay more attention to my health.

When I was exploring and researching healthy eating options, I realized there were insanely limited healthy food options around; and that healthy food meant salads or vegetarian meals only. Due to that, it became my mission to come up with a solution that would make healthy eating more enjoyable, accessible and understandable. As I made those changes in my personal life, I experienced how transformative and enjoyable healthy eating is and started to focused on health and wellness — something that has become very close to my heart.

At YoloFoods, we offer a holistic solution to levelling up your health game through foods and wellness. Where to start? There’s no better time than the present. You’re a step closer to the best version of yourself.

Alexis Bauduin,
CEO of YoloFoods

Making holistic health and wellbeing accessible, tasty and convenient.

YoloFoods champions life transformation through healthy eating.

Our wellness approach combines our in-house nutritionist and chef's expertise, crafting high-nutrient, delicious meals for unique lifestyle goals.

We value accessibility, convenience, freshness, and a natural, preservative-free approach. Environmental responsibility guides our ingredient sourcing.

Our Products

Achieving your wellness and fitness goals are now easier with YoloFoods with our range of ready to eat meals. Forget the food prep, just heat and eat! 


We prepare and deliver fresh ready to eat meals every Monday to Friday.

Start saving time, achieve your fitness goals & live your best life while we take care of your nutritional needs.

Our Meal Plan ranges from Weight Loss, Low Carb, Eat Clean & Vegetarian plans available. 


Order and enjoy Àla carte fresh and delicious meals that you can conveniently heat & eat within 3 minutes.  

Our wide range and variety of ready-to-eat healthy meals will keep you filled to power through your day. 

From Asian to Western options, you can even build your own bundles for the week!

Our Principles



At YoloFoods, each meal is freshly prepared in our SFA-licensed YoloLab, adhering to stringent hygiene and storage protocols. We prioritize top-quality ingredients for delicious, healthy meals.


Quality drives YoloFoods. We start with fresh, top-tier ingredients for great food. Our skilled chefs meticulously craft every meal, striking a balance between health and delectable taste.


Designed by

Guided by Jane Freeman, accredited dietician and IOC sports nutritionist, our expert team crafts meals that balance taste and essential nutrients for optimal body function. At YoloFoods, we ensure our food is both delicious and nutritious. 


& Easy

Recognizing the value of time, YoloFoods offers convenient, quality meals in a heat-and-eat format, ready in just three minutes. Our meals cater to busy professionals, on-the-go parents, or anyone seeking healthy, tasty food without hours in the kitchen.

Our Mission

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